Get customer inquiries to the right person at the right time, automatically.

Cohere’s zero-training AI automatically categorizes and routes support interactions, saving your agents time and cutting time-to-resolution by up to 25%.

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Cut handle times by eliminating unnecessary transfers
Front-line agents no longer have to waste time on manually routing support interactions to the correct team. Cohere classifies and prioritizes each ticket, so that your team can take immediate action with each new incoming request. No manual training or labelling required.
Keep your existing routing stack. See time savings instantly.
Cohere works with your CRM's existing routing setup, so you can spend time delighting customers instead of manually prioritizing and routing inquiries. Unlike alternatives, our zero-training AI uses general language understanding to provide extraordinary results without No code, no training, and no large upfront investment required.

"With Cohere, we’ve been able to start self-serving 60%+ of our customers’ inquiries within a matter of weeks, all by leveraging our existing content. It handles complex, real-world inquiries that other bots struggle with while saving valuable time for our customers – helping our agents focus on the cases that matter most."

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Increase in self-served tickets
Reduction in cost per interaction
Increase in agent productivity

Looking to eliminate unnecessary transfers?

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