Real understanding,
minimal training
Instantly resolve 20-30% of support cases with the content you already have.

Empower your support team by automating self-serve outcomes, so they can focus on providing a human touch.
Trusted by the world's most ambitious CX teams
With Cohere, you can say goodbye to
Repetitive tickets
We get it. Repetitive tickets are a pain. That's why we automate ticket handling so that your team can spend less time dealing with duplicate problems and more time solving them.
Underused help centers
We make it easy for your customers to interact with your help center and get answers that work for them—without any unnecessary frustration or wasted time.
Frustrating chatbots
Cohere Answers allows for a delightful chat experience with the right systems in place to ensure your customers can get the information they need.
Drive self-serve results
with the content you already have.
Unlike other chatbots, Cohere Answers lets you leverage your existing help center content without needing to define individual workflows. Go live in hours, not days.

Our cutting-edge intent based AI goes beyond keyword search, and surfaces relevant snippets for plain English queries. Cohere learns from your knowledge base and even tells you what is missing.
Seamlessly escalate from AI to Service Cloud
Empower customers with AI-powered instant resolutions, with the option to seamlessly escalate to a live agent. Agents work inside the same Service Cloud environment they're already familiar with – no additional training required.
Real intelligence. Better outcomes. Zero training.
Go live faster with zero training, without needing to list all the ways somebody could phrase a question.

Older keyword-based models struggle with slightly different wording and phrasings. With cutting edge transformer-based models, Cohere Answers captures the nuances of intent rather than specific vocabulary – resulting in better answers that improve over time.
Actionable reporting at your fingertips
Analyze and improve support metrics over time.
Identify top questions and areas of opportunity.
Deep dive into individual support experiences.
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