Customer Story
How Ramp automates 60%+ of its in-app support inquiries using Cohere
Ramp is a finance automation platform designed to help businesses save time and money. With Ramp, businesses get corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, accounting automation and reporting—all in one easy-to-use and free solution. With their unique approach to financial services, the company has quickly become America’s fastest-growing corporate card and top-rated spend management software. 

Ramp was looking for a customer support automation platform that could keep up with their fast-paced growth and handle their complex customer questions. They needed a platform that would provide high self-serve rates and require minimal implementation & maintenance effort.
Before Cohere
 Lack of any automation offerings to handle complex customer requests was putting costly stress on their support org
 Ramp required a solution with both minimal training and creation of decision tree workflows
 Ramp signed with an incumbent vendor, but the implementation process took months to go fully live
 Key tasks to automate like “increasing spending limits” were blocked due to cumbersome integrations
After Cohere
 60%+ self-served outcomes
 Leveraged only existing content in help center, no training needed or creation of decision tree workflows required
 Fully up and running platform in just 2 weeks
 Ability to simplify common actions with low-lift integrations
With Cohere, we’ve been able to start self-serving 60%+ of our customers’ in-app inquiries within a matter of weeks, all by leveraging our existing content. It handles complex, real-world inquiries that other bots struggle with while saving valuable time for our customers – helping our agents focus on the cases that matter most.— Walker Nordin, Senior Customer Ops Manager at Ramp
A high-growth org needing support automation quickly
In the past year, Ramp’s customer base grew 7x so they were looking for ways to maintain a high level of customer service without needing to scale support headcount linearly with client growth.
With more than a customer base of 7K customers, inquiries range from simply resetting the password to complex questions about integrations. This made finding a support solution that could meet their needs both difficult and time-consuming.
They eventually tested an incumbent automation solution, but implementation wasn’t as flexible and took longer to implement.
Despite the challenges, Ramp was committed to providing the best possible customer experience and continued to explore new support solutions, hoping to find one that was a better fit for their needs.
We tested a number of support automation platforms and Cohere was the only one that fit all our needs. The fact that you can get started with only your help center content, requires little to no overhead to maintain, and generates industry leading self-serve rates makes it an absolute no-brainer.— Walker Nordin, Senior Customer Ops Manager at Ramp
The Solution
All-in-one front-end support platform offering speed and best-in-class automation
After trying out several different options, Ramp adopted Cohere.
Choosing Cohere allowed Ramp to use their existing knowledge base to start automatically resolving support tickets via automated chat. The need for manually training queries or creating decision tree workflows to handle their vast type of queries was not necessary to launch right away.
The Ramp team was impressed by how easy it was to get started, especially integrating their internal systems.
Since Ramp placed a high value on speed without sacrificing self-serve outcome results, Cohere was the perfect partner.
Ramp self-serving one of their most common questions using Cohere.
Cohere’s ability to answer customers' inquiries saves my team 10+ hours a week. The ability to see what's working and what isn't in real time is invaluable when it comes to improving self-serve outcomes.

With this data, we can focus our efforts in the most effective way possible, and ultimately achieve better results for our customers. I know Cohere has my back in helping us identify any missing content gaps and addressing them immediately.
— Walker Nordin, Senior Customer Ops Manager at Ramp
The Result
60%+ self-serve outcomes for in-app service
When it comes to customer support, self-service is key. That's why Ramp decided to implement Cohere, an AI-powered platform that provides industry-leading self-serve rates.
In just a fraction of the time it would have taken to get the incumbent platform implemented, Cohere had Ramp up and self-serving over 60% of its support requests.
As Ramp continues to grow, Cohere's algorithm will continue to learn and optimize, eliminating the need to continually build new decision tree workflows or train new types of queries. This allows Ramp to refocus its support resources on the customers that need it the most, providing an even better customer experience.
Cohere's support is outstanding because they take the time to understand their customers' goals and help them achieve them. When we integrated their platform, they built our team custom tools to make sure we could quickly leverage our efforts from the past, rather than starting from scratch again.

Our growth would not have been possible without their proactivity in meeting and exceeding our agreed-upon SOW for service. We are truly grateful for their partnership in helping us offer first-class support.
The benefits of self-service are clear. Customers get the answers they need faster and with less friction, while companies can reduce support costs and increase customer satisfaction. With Cohere, Ramp is leading the way in self-service customer support.
Ramp’s philosophy is to provide clear cost savings and ROI to customers. Cohere provides that same transparency which was critical for me getting buy-in from our team. Their pricing aligned with our product growth so we save more as we scale, and I'd estimate that we’re on pace for a 5X return with Cohere in Year 1.— Walker Nordin, Senior Customer Ops Manager at Ramp
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